2020 02 10a 1

The Institute of International Relations of the Taras Shevchenko National University in Kyiv together with the international law firm DLA Piper announce the start of an essay course for students of Ukrainian law schools.

Winners will be able to participate in the training course “Professional Responsibility and Legal Ethics in the International Legal Services Market”.

2020 02 10a 2

The three-day intensive course will include a list of lectures, discussions, interactive classes, and role-playing games. Classes will be held by practicing lawyers, including experts from the Kiev office of DLA Piper. The course will address issues of lawyer ethics and professional responsibility relevant to legal practice not only in Ukraine and also in the world, including: the regulation of the legal profession, contacts with clients and drawing up contracts with them, conflicts of interest, confidentiality and disclosure of information, fight against corruption, features of the status of corporate lawyers, corporate social responsibility and pro bono activities.

In 2020, the course will held from March 18 to March 20, 2020 at the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (36/1 U. Illenka St., Kiev). Most of the classes will be conducted in English.

Requirements for Competitors

  • You should be a student of the second, third, fourth or fifth year of study, studying at the bachelor's degree (starting from the second year of study) on fall 2019, graduate or postgraduate studies at a Ukrainian university with a degree in Law / International Law, which has state accreditation. University professors are not allowed to participate.
  • English level have to be sufficient for active participation in the program (the level of proficiency in English will be assessed based on the essay submitted).
  • Demonstrate your interest in the topic of the training course when preparing an essay (see the assessment criteria for more details).

DEAD LINE 21 February 2020 (before 00:00 by Kyiv).

The essay should be devoted to the following topic as part of a large topic of the training course (that is, it is a question of professional ethics of a lawyer who provides legal assistance / services, and not, for example, about the ethics of judges or from a philosophical point of view):

«Відповідальність професійних юристів стосовно суспільства. Чому у юристів виникає подібна відповідальність?» / “What are the responsibilities of legal professionals vis-à-vis society? Why do legal professionals have these responsibilities?”

For more information, contact the International Relations Office of the National University of Odessa Law Academy.