Science circles of the Department


The instructors of the Department always involve students into the research. The Chair of Political Theories carries out the discussions on Political Science (arranged by Associate Professor I. Miloserdnaya) and Sociology (arranged by Associate Professor N. Yatsenko). Associate Professor A. Kroytor has been in charge of the debating club since September, 2016.

The members of the Circles take active part in various student competitions and conferences.

For instance, A. Kostynyuk won the Ukrainian Student Competition in Humanities and the Ukrainian Student Competition in Political Sciences. The research was carried out under the guidance of Professor N. Polevoy.

Prokofiev and A Logvinchuk, students of the National University "Odessa Law Academy", won the Student Competition in Political Science in 2013 and 2014 consequently. Associate Professor I. Miloserdnaya was their research superviser.

The Science Circles allow the students to broaden and deepen their knowledge in Political Science and Sociology beyond the curriculum. The meetings are held through the students' reports and the follow-up discussions. The discussions are conducted once a month.