Student Sports Complex “Academy” was opened in Zatoka

Student Sports Complex “Academy” was opened in Zatoka

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It took around two years for National University “Odessa Law Academy” to create complex “Academy” in the resort area of Odessa region complex "Academy", which can not be compared to anything else in Ukraine.

"The dilapidated houses were at this place before, and three years ago we decided to demolish them and to build this complex. The entire 20-thousand staff of Law Academy and 5-thousand staff of International Humanitarian University, students and teachers enthusiastically participated in Saturday works that we were organizing", - said Sergey Kivalov.

The total construction area of ​​the complex, which is situated on 0.63 hectares, is about 10,000 square meters. In this area, all the conditions are created for the rest of students, faculty and staff of the university. More than 130 rooms can accommodate about 300 guests. There are several comfortable conference and assembly halls in the complex; they can be used for academic and social events. In the near future, President of NU “OLA” Sergey Kivalov said, that the complex would be certified for four stars.


President of the University also added that not only students, faculty, staff of NU “OLA” will have an opportunity to rest at the complex, but everyone, because, according to his opinion, the base should be self-sustaining. Therefore, the complex will operate year-round.

"Not only students from National University “Odessa Law Academy” and International Humanitarian University will have an opportunity to rest here, but everyone. The new recreation center is public property. It is important that the "Academy" can be used not only in sports and recreational purposes but also for academic and social events, summer schools and international symposia", - said Sergey Kivalov.


Metropolitan of Odessa and Izmail Agafangel hallowed sports complex.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov attended the opening ceremony of the complex. After a short tour, Mykola Azarov noted that the recreation center "Academy" has all conditions for recreation.

"The complex is a good one. I did not find flaws, although I am a picky person. We have to say "thank you" to the people who built it. Good conditions for the people mean European level. Near the beach, perfect conditions", - said the Prime Minister.

News of university Student Sports Complex “Academy” was opened in Zatoka