International cooperation

International cooperation

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Since the moment of foundation in 1997 as independent educational institution on base of Law Institute of Odessa State University our institution has undergone a rapid way from a regional an educational institution to a leading center of science, education and culture in the South of Ukraine.  Mission of National University “Odesa Law Akademy” is a creation in Ukraine of scientific and research, educational and technical opportunities, corresponded to European standards of High education.

Currently more than 15 thousands of our students study on the specialty: “Law”, “Political Science”, “Intellectual Property”, “Consolidated Information”, “State Service”.

In Odesa to the University it belongs a complex of 38 buildings, in which there are situated study campuses, gyms, library, conference-halls, museum of a rare book and museum of weapons, hostels and computer center. The University has also branches in Kyiv, Ivano-Frankovs, Mykolayiv, Kryvoy Rog, Nykopol, Cherkassy, Chernovzy, Tiraspol, Sophia.

More than 350 Professors and lecturers occupy positions on 28 chairs of the University and more than 200 of them are Doctors.

At the University there is the South Regional Center of National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine. 8 representatives of the University are included to the Center and have a status of Academician and Corresponding Members of National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine.

The University is a founder of TV “Academy”, a newspaper “Slovo”, an edition “Legal Literature”. Every the third tutorial and every the third monograph in legal sphere edited in Ukraine are scientific works of the collective of the University.

One of the main directions of the activity of National University “Odesa Law Academy” is international collaboration. International activity of the University is sent on rising of quality of Ukrainian education and its authority abroad.

Since 1998 National University “Odesa Law Academy” has been a member of European Association of Universities. In 2006 the University one of the first in Ukraine signed Magna Charta Universities. Since 2008 the University has been a member of European Association of Public Law. For the last years it has been concluded more than 50 long-terms agreements about collaboration with leading universities of countries of Europe and the USA, influential international governmental and non-governmental organizations. National University has taken part repeatedly in realization of scientific and research, technical and humanitarian projects of European Union and UN. At the University it is held conferences and symposiums which results influence on development of legal science and practice not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe in the whole. Every year at the University foreign scientists and lawyers work reading their own designers courses in English, currently more than 350 foreign students from 26 countries of the world study at the University.

Reading of educational disciplines is in three languages, they are Ukrainian, Russian and English. One of the elements of students’ preparing according Bachelor Program is reading lectures and practice in English.

With the view of awareness’ spreading to foreign society about legal system of Ukraine the collective of the University prepared a popular science publication “Introduction into Ukrainian Law”, that has already been edited in Russian and Ukrainian languages.

A logical result of international scientific and educational activity of the collective of the University was a bright awareness of its authority abroad. 
In 2008 for a high rate at lawyer’s preparing of European level and correspondence of educational service to European standards the University was awarded by a reward “European quality” of Association of Rectors of Europe.

International cooperation International cooperation