Публікації результатів наукових досліджень

Публікації результатів наукових досліджень

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NationalUniversity “Odesa Law Academy” takes part in publication of 14 collections of scientific researches, 8 of which are in the list of professional scientific publications approved by Higher Attestation Commission such as: “Actualni Problemy Derzhavy ta Prava”, “Actualni Problemy Politiky”, “ Yuridychy Visnyk”, “Naukovi Praci NU “OUA”, “Mytna Sprava”, “Visnyk Vyshoi Rady Usticii”, “Evropeisky Studii I Pravo” and “Odessky Lingvistychy Visnyk”.

Moreover there are such publications as “Chasopys Civilistyky”, “Chasopys Administratyvisktyky”, “Yurydychy Referatyvny Journal”, “Syspilstvo. Derzhava. Pravo”, “Actualni Problemy Evropeiskoy Integracii”, Informational Bulletin of Students Scientific Community “Molod u Urisprydencii”

It is worth to be mentioned that all materials that will be puclished in above mentioned publications may be found in electronic version on the website of University. Materials from all scientific events held in National University “Odesa Law Academy” will be published on the website as well.