Department of Maritime and Customs Law

Department of Maritime and Customs Law

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Address: 65009, 2, Akademichna street, Office 305
Tel: (048) 719-88-12

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Working hours of the Department: Mon.-Fr. 8.30-18.00

Schedule days of recruiting teachers of the department
пн. 15.00 – 17.00
пт. 14.00 – 16.00

Boris Kormich
Head of the Department
Doctor of Law, Professor

The Department of Maritime and Customs Law is a part of the Judicial and Administrative Faculty and provides full-time and part-time training at all faculties and institutes of the National University "Odessa Law Academy".

The main goals of the Department are: the formation of students' knowledge system in the field of maritime, customs, information and transport law; training of highly-qualified scientific and academic personnel, as well as participation in the research work of the University.

The Department provides teaching in following disciplines:
1. Customs Law.
2. International Customs law.
3. Information Law.
4. Maritime Law
5.Seaport Regulations.
6. Admiralty Law
7. Maritime and Customs Law
8. Transport Law
9. Customs Law of the European Union.

The content of the disciplines is intended to develop students' knowledge systems and acquire practical skills in maintenance of maritime management, information activities, customs affairs, transportation industry with regard to international and European standards, as well as to priorities of Ukrainian legislation reforms and law enforcement identified by the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, signed in 2014.

The set of disciplines is designed in compliance with particularities of each Faculty or Institute of National University "Odessa Law Academy".