Department of subscription

Department of subscription

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2 Pionerska str.
tel. (048) 719-88-28

Working hours: Monday-Friday 8.30-18.00
Saturday 10.00-17.00

Chief of the department – Makukha Svitlana Mykolaivna

Chief librarian – Buhta Valentina Oleksiivna
Chief librarian – Badaeva Iryna Viktorivna
Chief of the sector of educational literature – Andriyash Oksana Vasylivna
Chief of the sector of the scientific literature – Mashchanova Irina Vitaliivna
Chief of the fiction sector – Olik Vira Mykolaivna

The department consists of the sectors: the, and fiction sector.

  • sector of educational literature,
  • sector of the scientific literature,
  • fiction sector,
  • sector of readers’ registration

The book-circulation processes are automated in the department performed with ALIS Unilib using the technology of bar codes.

Book fund of the sector of educational literature is formed according the study plans, scientific themes of the University scholars’ elaborations, lecturers’ recommendations.

The sector of the scientific literature provides a complete, high-quality and operative use of the library fund in scientific, cultural-enlightenment and educational work of the National University “Odessa Law Academy”. The sector’s fund consists of scientific, legal, reference books on law and other branches of knowledge. Monographs, methodological guidance and collections of scientific works are also located in the scientific sector fund.

The fiction sector provides the best samples of Ukrainian and world prose, poetry, drama. The fund is constantly updated with new achievements of modern Ukrainian and world literature.

In the sector of readers’ registration to the electronic database record details about all received are included, library cards are given. Library card index of a single reader created and constantly updated.

In the department the literature provision of educational and scientific processes is examined, the usage of educational publications of the University is analyzed, a methodical and scientific work on increasing the efficiency of customer service is performed, and the sociological research of users’ interests in order to optimize their provision is conducted.

Structure of the Library Department of subscription