Faculty of Advocacy

Faculty of Advocacy

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Address: 28 Rishelyevska Str., Odesa, 65125
Phone:(048)716-87-31; (048)716-87-32
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Instagram: instagram.com/faculty_advocacy

Schedule of work hours of the structural unit
Monday through Friday: 8.30 a.m.– 5.00 p.m.


Cтоянов Н.М. - декан факультетаEvgeniy Khizhnyak
dean of the Faculty
Candidate of Law, Associate Professor

The Bar is a public, independent professional organization of lawyers that has an important public function - to protect the rights and legitimate interests of citizens and organizations. Therefore, it is important to train highly qualified specialists in law who would professionally protect the rights of citizens. The work of the Faculty of Advocacy of the National University is aimed atsuch training.

The Faculty of Advocacy of Odessa National Academy of Law was reorganized from the Institute of Advocacy of Odessa National Academy of Law in October 2005.

Students of the Faculty acquire skills and knowledge of legal, economic, organizational, socio-political and humanitarian character required for work in law firms and legal advice offices to protect rights and represent the interests of individuals and legal entities.

The Faculty of Advocacy trains specialists with higher legal education in the specialty "Jurisprudence", qualification "lawyer" in educational levels - bachelor, specialist and master of full-time tuition on budgetary and contract basis.

Today, the Faculty of Advocacy of the National University "Odessa Academy of Law " is the top spot of training potential advocates in Ukraine. It is our structural unit that has everything that you need: from the quality of material and technical baseto the practice-oriented organization of educational process.

With regard to the educational process, it should be noted that our work is always focused on close relationships between theory and practice;that is why at the Faculty there are taught not only the disciplinesthat are classic for all law schools but also special courses ("Features of the tactics for protection", " Ethics of advocacy ", etc.). The main tasks of the Faculty of advocacy is to train highly qualified specialists, formation of the students' sense of national patriotism, fairness, and responsibility of the relentless pursuit of new knowledge. Best students of the Faculty of Advocacy receive scholarships, diplomas and gratitude. The main objective of the Faculty of Advocacy is to implement the acquired knowledge into practice. Practicing lawyers are actively involved in teaching at the Faculty, primarily members of Odessa Regional Bar Association.

The annual International Conference "Advocacy: the Past and the Present"; publishing of collection of scientific papers on the results of the Conference; conducting of Round table discussions on current issues of advocacy.

A list of dormitories assigned to the structural unit and the number of students living there
Dormitory№4 "Ekipazh" 28/30 Uspenska Str. 180 residents.
Dormitory № 9 " Hotel Primorkiy" 30Pionerska Str. 65 residents.
Dormitory № 6 18General Petrov Str. 34 residents.

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