The Faculty of Psychology, Political Science and Sociology

The Faculty of Psychology, Political Science and Sociology

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Адрес: 65000, г. Одесса, ул. Пионерская, 2, каб.808
Телефон: (048) 719-62-14
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График работы
Пн. – Пт. – 08. 30 -17. 00

Denis Yakovlev
Dean of the Faculty
Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor

Political science is the branch of knowledge that deals with politics, political technologies, political leadership and civic engagement, electoral campaigns and technologies, as well as the government of a state.

Sociology is the science about society, interaction of individuals within society, social capital and social successfulness.

Psychology is a scientific and practical field that studies patterns of expression, development and functioning of the human mentality. Psychology steadily entered the life of the current generation and nowadays supplies not only traditional areas as education and medicine, but also production, advertising, marketing, business, politics.

The Faculty of Legal Politology and Sociology was established in the framework of the National University "Odessa Law Academy" on the 13th of July, 2010.

September 19th, 2016, in relation to the expansion, the structural subdivision was renamed the Faculty of Psychology, Political Science and Sociology.

The Faculty provides day time Bachelor and Master programmes in Political Science, Psychology and Sociology at public and private expense.

Students have the opportunity to undertake training and work placement at the committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Authorities of state and local government.

In April 2011, according to the resolution of the President of National University "Odessa Law Academy" S.Kivalov, the Political and Social Research Laboratory was established within the Faculty. Students of the Faculty carry out fundamental public polling under the guidance of experts. The Laboratory provides employment assistance.

The Faculty cooperates with the leading professional organizations such as Sociological Association of Ukraine and the International Association for Political Science Students. In furtherance of the concept of scientific tourism, students of the Faculty of Psychology, Political Science and Sociology visited England, the Netherlands, Greece, Poland and Czech Republic.

The curriculum is focused on action-oriented sociological and political disciplines, jurisprudence, psychology and foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian).

Scholarly work remains a constituent element of student training. The Faculty of Psychology, Political Science and Sociology conducts at least 4 conferences a year due to equipment of the University. In particular, the Southern Convention of the International Association for Political Science Students should be mentioned. The event is traditionally visited by representatives of more than 15 higher educational establishments from Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Consequently, the Faculty of Psychology, Political Science and Sociology confirms the status of political, sociological and philosophical centre of the South of Ukraine.

Students of the Faculty are accommodated in modern hotel-type dormitories:

1) № 4 "Ekipazh", Uspenskaya street, 28 \ 30.

2) № 9 «Hotel Primorskiy", Pionerskaya street, 30.

3) № 3 "Mirniy", Fontanskaya doroga street, 71.

Structure Faculty of Legal Political Science and Sociology