Information for candidates

Information for candidates

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Procedure of the admission to the National University "Odessa Law Academy" educational programme for masters of "Public administration"

National University "Odessa Law Academy" enrols students for training in "Public Management and Administration" (major - "Legal Support of Public Service and Administration", full-time and extramural attendance; "Economic Security", full-time attendance). Graduates gain Master's Degree in Public Management and Administration.

Admission to the Master School of Public Service for training on specialty «074 Public Management and Administration" is carried out in accordance with the Procedure of Admission to Master's Educational Program in "Public Service", subject area "Public Administration", however the employment of graduates is approved by the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 789, dated July 29, 2009.

The University admits the students in major 074 "Public Management and Administration", designated by state or local government authorities, on competition basis. The University admits applicants upon condition they provide assignment, issued by central and local authorities as established by law.

Candidates who apply for the state-funded programmes must be under the age of 45, have full degrees, should be officers of State and local government authorities and have public service back-ground (1 year at least) as of the date of submission. Applicants who became winners and laureates of the annual all-Ukrainian competition "Best public servant" may be admitted to studies at public expense out of competition, but only within 5 per cent of admission plan for each form of attendance.

Candidates, who have successfully passed entrance examinations, but failed selection, may apply for training on fee-paying basis. Candidates, who have gained degrees in "Public Administration and Management" at public expense or those, who are legally restricted to hold positions of public officers at state and local authorities, are not admitted to the programme at public expense. Deadlines of application, competitive selection and enrolment:

Admission stages Full-time attendance Extramural attendance
Beginning of document submission 15th June 2016 15th July 2016
Deadline of application 18.00, 15th July 2016 18.00, 15thJuly 2016
Period of admission examinations 18-26 July 2016 18-26 July
Announcement of ranking tables Not later than 12.00,
1st August 2016
Not later than 12.00, 1st
August 2016
Period of enrollment 1-5 August 2016 1-5 August 2016

For candidates applying for master programmes in "Public Management and Administration": the competitive score is calculated as the sum of the results of entrance examinations and interviews, score is added to the Unified database.

Candidates applying for Master's studies in major "Public Management and Administration" on the basis of Bachelor'squalification take a paper-based test in foreign language (English, German or French at the election of applicants); written examination on the fundamentals of State, Law and Economics, as well as the oral interview on Public Administration. Candidates, who have degree of Specialist or Master, take admission written examination on the fundamentals of State, Law and Economics together with the interview on Public Administration.

Duration of tuition: full-time course-1 year and 6 months; extramural course-2 years 6 months.

Applicants should file following documents for entry:
personal data card (form П-2 ДС);
the assignment of the state or local authority (2 copies);
agreement of the state or local authority (3 copies);
notarized copy of diploma and annex; copy of service record attested as established;
six photos, size 3 x 4 cm;
copy of passport (2 samples);
copy of personal tax reference number (2 samples);
medical certificate (form № 086-у);
copy of military record book or registration certificate.

Passport is presented in person.

Tuition fees for the funds of natural persons and legal entities:
- Full-time attendance-19300 UAH;
-extramural attendance - 11300 UAH.

Address: Odessa, Pionerskaya street 9, office No. 67; phone/fax: /048/719-88-20 Website:

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