Department of Sociology and Psychology

Department of Sociology and Psychology

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Address: 65009, Pionerskaya street, 9, office 24
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Working hours:
Mon. -Fri. 8.30-17.30

Attendance hours:
Mon. 15.00-17.00
Fri. 14.00-16.00

Vasiliy Lefterov
Acting Head of the Department
Doctor of Psychology, Professor

The Department provides integrated teaching of Sociology and Psychology, which are correlated and, at the same time, belong to independent subject areas. The Department carries out systematic training of bachelors and masters in Sociology, as well as increases the psychological competence of the students of our University (lawyers, political scientists, journalists, etc). Besides, the Department conducts fundamental and applied research in the context of social and psychological patterns of human existence.

The qualified magistral personnel of the Department provides comprehensive training for bachelors and masters. Teachers of the Department are members of specialized academic councils, expert and advisory boards, as well as sociological services, agencies and foundations. Besides, they act as opponents of dissertations. Many teachers of the Department undertook practical training abroad (in United States, Germany, Cuba and other countries).

In 2016, the collective monograph «Час вибору: виклики інформаційної епохи» under the general editorship of Professor D. Yakovlev (Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Political Science and Sociology), was published.

Such traditional disciplines as Sociology, Social and Political Processes, Decision Theory, Social and Political Forecasting and History of Sociology, which give considerable attention to social and psychological impact of actions and decisions, acquired new subject matter.

The Chair uses efforts of famous scholars in order to improve the teaching process: M.Holovatiy "Политическая психология" (2009); M.Mikhalchenko "Украина как новая историческая реальность" (2004); M.Zakharchenko "История социологии" (1993); v.Burdyak, S.Vasilenko, V.Verenko "Политика и права человека" (2011); G.Shyokin "Социальная теория и кадровая политика" (2000), V.Sharonov "Основы социальной антропологии" (1997); M. Weber "Образ общества" (1994); M. Heidegger "Время и бытие" (1993) and others.

All these factors have aroused students' interest of studying of Sociology and Psychology, that has resulted not only in their knowledge, but also their participation in academic competitions, conferences, and their theses, which are developed within the Department.

Teaching staff of the Department of Sociology and Psychology:
Vasiliy Lefterov - Head of the Department, Doctor of Psychology
Denis Yakovlev-Professor, Doctor of Psychology
Alexander Bondar-Docent, Candidate of Historical Sciences
Andrey Melnikov-Associate Professor, Candidate of Social sciences
Nikolay Yatsenko-Associate Professor, Candidate of Social sciences
Olga Karetnaya-Associate Professor, Candidate of Political Sciences
Ekaterina Mozharova Ekaterina-Associate Professor, Candidate of Political Sciences
Tatyana Tretyakova-Senior Lecturer, Candidate of Political Sciences
Yasmina Korohod-Senior Lecturer, Candidate of Political Sciences
Irina Kuptsova-Associate Professor, Candidate of Political Sciences
Lidiya Kyosse-Assistant Lecturer, Candidate of Political Sciences
Darya Nemertseva-Research Assistant
Darya Gatitskaya-Research Assistant

Disciplines taught at the Department of Sociology and Psychology:
1. Social and Political Processes
2. Introduction to the Course
3. Sociology
4. Theory of Social Diagnostics
5. General Sociology
6. History of Sociology
7. Sociology of Labour and Career
8. Sociology of Education and Science
9. Sociology of Communication
10. Sociology of Economics
11. Sociology of Deviance
12. Contemporary Rational Decision Theory and Public Policy
13. Modern Techniques of Social Surveys
14. Social and Political Forecasting
15. Sociology of Electoral Management
16. Management Sociology
17. Social & Political Statistics and Demography
18. Sociology of International Relations
19. Sociology of Culture and Religion
20. Sociology of Public Mind
21. Sociology of Politics
22. Sociology of Law
23. Ethnic Sociology
24. Sociology of Programming
25. Social and Cultural Dimensions of Globalization
26. Family and Youth Sociology
27. Methodology of Social Survey
28. Sociology of Personality
29. Social public management techniques
30. Social Conflict Resolution Studies
31. Theory of Social Changes
32. Contemporary Social Theories
33. Social & Political Statistics and Demography
34. Social stratification

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