Scientific methodological work

Scientific methodological work

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Teaching work of the University is provided in accordance with the approved plan under the guidance of the scientific-methodical council.

At meetings of the Educational and Methodological Council key methodological issues of teaching and, above all, the state of the teaching of educational process are discussed, the implementation of credit-modular system of educational process at the University, the criteria for assessment of student learning on organizational and methodological of teaching law courses in English on the progress of computerization of the educational process, the results of the control cutoff knowledge of students of institutes and faculties, the organization of the SEC, measures to improve their performance and so on.

One form of educational work is permanent methodological seminars. At twenty-four meetings methodological seminar for teachers (head prof. SPEED YM) reviewed the most urgent problems of the methodology of legal research. During discussion of proposed new approach in research of legal reality in the theory of law, philosophy of law, maritime and customs law, administrative law, environmental aspects of the Black Sea, methodological foundations of judicial reform in Ukraine were discussed and proposed new approaches to defining paradigm of criminal jurisprudence orientation and others. Discussion of questions were active. It should be noted that the workshop is popular with university teachers: The average attend at least 75 people.

In addition, the University actively works permanent methodical seminar for young teachers (head - prof. Ovchynnikova A.P.). There were 23 meetings of the seminar for young teachers, in which the latest techniques and teaching methods were discussed used in the classroom with students, lawyers, held a discussion about the use of various communication styles in lectures and seminars, reviewed and discussed the principles of training manuals legal subjects, conducted a master class on raising the voice, diction and breathing and so on.

Work methodical seminar focused more on teachers with experience of 5 years: graduate students, professors, who do not have sufficient teaching experience. Attendance of these sessions was high precisely because of motivation.

Work methodological and methodical seminars is crucial for improving teaching skills, exchange most recent scientific information, and therefore gives rise to a growing interest in learning. First of all, it concerns young teachers who are able to study in their senior colleagues.

As part of the methodological provision of teaching process series of "Educational Materials of Odessa National Academy of Law" are published. In just three years, issued 83 teaching books, most of them are from standard academic disciplines.

Study of legal disciplines at the University is in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English. The aim of these lectures is to improve the English language and legal terminology in a foreign language. Lectures may attend both students who have excellent language and those who have it at a moderate level. Without exception, all subjects that are taught in English at the University are provided by updated guidelines.