Student Team of the University Successfully Performed at the XII International Law Olympiad in Minsk

Student Team of the University Successfully Performed at the XII International Law Olympiad in Minsk

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In 2017, the XII International Law Competition “Youth for Peace” – an annual competition on international humanitarian law for students and undergraduates – was held at the International University “MITSO” from September 25 to 29.

In the knowledge of international law, 11 teams of law students from leading universities competed, among them the team of the National University "Odessa Law Academy" consisting of students: Bozhatkina Yelyzaveta (5th year, faculty of international legal relations, captain of the team), Dmitry Petrikeev (5 year , Institute of Criminal Justice), Prominent Nikita (4 year, Faculty of International legal relations).

"International Law Competition" Youth for Peace "is a unique annual project that has no analogues in Eastern Europe and the CIS, and is one of the three prestigious European competitions in international law. As Y. Bozhatkina, the captain of the team, mentioned in the interview, "the participants need to demonstrate high knowledge in the field of international humanitarian law, international public law and human rights law, and also have the ability to change the environment. The Olympics simulates practical situations arising during armed conflicts, providing an excellent opportunity for students to improve their knowledge of international humanitarian law. "

In order to acquaint participants and judges of the contest with the culture and history of Belarus as well as to deepen the interethnic dialogue and cooperation, we organized the National Cultures Evening, where teams were able to present their countries and educational institutions.The teams also demonstrated their creativity in the essay and posters contest on the current challenges of international humanitarian law. Olympiad is not a political event, collecting the best law students from all over the world under its auspices.

Each year, the leading foreign experts on international law take part as jury members in the Olympics. In addition, every year the International University "MITSO" conducts cycles of open lectures of leading specialists in international law.

The International Law Olympiad "Youth for Peace" is held as part of the United Nations global initiative "Academic Influence", which brings together higher education institutions with the UN in order to actively support the ten universally recognized principles relating to human rights, literacy, sustainable development and conflict resolution.

The main goal of the Olympics is to spread among the youth the ideas of tolerance and conduct of intercultural dialogue, to demonstrate the importance of peaceful coexistence of nations.

The opportunity to participate in this event was realized thanks to the support and assistance of the University's management, as well as the sponsorship of the law firm L. Blackmen.

News of university Student Team of the University Successfully Performed at the XII International Law Olympiad in Minsk