In memory of Elena S. Derevnina

In memory of Elena S. Derevnina

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Elena S. Derevnina, faithful keeper and researcher of library collections, a high-class specialist in the library science, a great and wonderful person passed away.

Elena Sergeevna, having dedicated more than 50 years to the world of books, having great knowledge, erudition and experience, shared her soul with generations of readers, both in her first library of the EPC 17 (the director of which she was for 30 years) and Scientific Library of National University “Odessa Academy of Law”.

Olena S. Derevnina was a creative, purposeful personality, a true enthusiast of her work, from the very first days of the existence of the University Library managed to organize the work of the department of book keeping at a high level. Many studies of the University's scientists accompanied her unlimited dedication to her work, multiplied by professionalism.

The leadership and employees of National University "Odessa Academy of Law ", staff of the Scientific Library express deep condolences to relatives and friends of Elena Sergeevna Derevnina. The good memory of her will forever remain in our hearts.

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