Wide-scale programme of coastal slopes improvemet goes on

Wide-scale programme of coastal slopes improvemet goes on

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National University "Odessa Law Academy" students use every of the sunny days to come and work on the slopes.

In the 70-90s of the last century most of thе educational institutions used to organize volunteer clean-up programms. Especially much attention was paid to the greening of the coastal slopes - from Lanzheron and right to the Bolshoy Fontan cape. While the aforementioned zone is endangered with landslides, any construction there was strictly regulated those days,and the slopes were strengthened with tree planting, as the mighty root system keeps them safe. Unfortunately, nowadays  this remarkable and quite useful tradition is almost lost, and only few of the executives, motivated by the true love to Odessa have the energy and enthusiasm to revive the tradition by involving the youth. For example, in the last weeks of October students and lecturers of National University "Odessa Law Academy" managed to allocate time to go on the coastal slopes to work several times a week.

"I'm convinced that we need to know it exactly - if we love our city and want it to be green and have comfortable ways to get to the sea - we need to work. We have seen that when we plant the trees, we get the best result - a long-lasting one, because pine trees are long living plants, and the more they grow, the better they hold the ground with their roots. But for our work, the situation here would be similar to the one in Kryzhanivka, or Ilichovsk, where landslides happen. As a People's Deputy, I've sent a request to the Premiere Minister to provide funds for coast strengthening works" - says the president of NU"OLA" and IHU Sergey Kivalov.

And indeed, circa 20 thousand evergreen trees and shrubs have been planted in the past two decades. Moreover, they are being carefully nurtured, fertilized and watered.

With every upcoming year this part of the slopes brings more and more positive emotions to the local residents, who always speak about the programme with appreciation and warmth.

"We live here for quite a long time and we remember how neglected was this slope - there were few plants and a lot of rubbish. But now spending time here is so pleasant, and it's very nice that there's a person like Sergey Kivalov who cares for everything to be beautiful and good" - says the local old-timer Nikolay.

In NU"OLA" there's a wonderful tendency of instilling genuine love to Odessa even to students from other cities. Young future lawyers show willingness to improve and beautify the city, to make it a little better before leaving it.

Inspired by the students' example, the parasportsmen decided to join the volunteer clean-up programm. They have come to the table tennis competition in the sport complex of IHU from the whole country

"We are @holding a competition in a place, provided by the president of the IHU Sergey Kivalov. While congratulating us with the competition opening, he noted, that he's holding a greening progrlamm and it is quite important for the pine trees planted today to survive. So as we have some specialists in planting trees, of course we decided to participate in this action, because we care for the fate of these slopes and this city. " - says the head of Odessa Regional Organization of Invalides Oleg Prohorov

Of course, the scale of the activity doesn't end up with just this coastal part. Initiative NU" OLA" students also hold clean-up programms in lots of other municipal parks - Shevchenko Park, Pobeda Park and the other ones.

News of university Wide-scale programme of coastal slopes improvemet goes on