ATTENTION! About the NU «OLA» students hostels heating.

ATTENTION! About the NU «OLA» students hostels heating.

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2018 11 07-1

NAL «Naftogas» is the only NU»OLA»'s gas supplier. According to the current legislation , it is NAL who provides the nominations (gas delivery amount) for the university. In case of lack of the nominations for the university, «Odessagas», being the operator of the Das distribution network, has no basis to provide gas for NU «OLA».

The Cabinet of Ministers desision of 19 October 2018 «About the approval of decision of placing special obligations on the nature gas market subjects to provide community interests during the nature gas market functionation», which defines tariffs on gas delivery, was accepted and entered into force only since 1 November 2018. In this way, «Naftogas» invoking the tariffs lack, blocked the start of negotiating procedure about buying gas to heat the student hostels up to the 1 of November 2018.

Pursuant to the requirement of the Law of Ukraine «About public ppurchases, the negotiating procedure is started and can be finished only in 10 days (12.11.18)

Concidering abovementioned, owing to deficient procedures, government's delay in taking a decision on gas tariffs and «Naftogas»'s categorical position, the possibility of students hostels heating is currently unavailable till the end of negotiating procedure.

Администрация НУ «ОЮА»

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News of university ATTENTION! About the NU «OLA» students hostels heating.