Sergey Kivalov pays visit to the Ivano-Frankovsk law institute of NU «OLA»

Sergey Kivalov pays visit to the Ivano-Frankovsk law institute of NU «OLA»

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In the period of new year and Christmas holidays the president of the National University «Odessa Law Academy», academician Sergey Kivalov payed a visit to the Ivano-Frankovsk Law Institute of NU «OLA». The university president has met with the rector of the Ivano-frankovsk Law Institute Roman Savchuk, the rector of the Chernovtsi Law Institute Andrey Vorobchak, and the rector of the Kiev Institute of Intellectual Property And Rights Vasily Felik.

Thus, they took stock of the work done last year, and also made plans for the development of the leading structural units for 2019. This includes improving the studying process organization, development in the scientific and pedagogical area and widening the technical base.

Notable, that nowadays in the Ivano-Frankovsk Law Institute specialists of such areas as criminal justice, Judicial and management activities, Judicial and procuratorial activities etc, are being prepared.

A strong pedagogical staff was formed. Over 90% of the university's lecturers are candidates and doctors of science, docents and professors, which are famous for their scientific achievements not only in Ukraine, but in other countries.

All the circumstances for young scientists to improve, were created. «Prikarpatje Law herald», a scientific special edition in the Judicial area, is being regularly published. Scientific, pedagogical and practical employees can publish their works there.

Moreover, the Ivano-Frankovsk Law Institute possesses a modern technical base. The size of the laboratory rooms makes over 4000m2 in common. 22 computer classes are provided with modern technical equipment, as well as the criminalistics laboratory, and a specialisated library. There's also a functionation sports stadium

The Ivano-Frankovsk Law Institute students are taking an active part it the cultural and sport events of a city, region, and All-Ukrainian scale. They take part in lots of different volunteer programmers, such as ose which help orphans and children with special needs.

We'd also like to remind that the students also participate in a unique academicals mobility project , which is being realisate in the NU «OLA for many years already. The essence of this program is that having studied for a year or several in Odessa, for example students can transfer to study in some of the other structural department in Kiev, Chernovtsy, Ivano-Frankovsk, Nikolayev, Krivoj Rog and Cherkassy. This program is created specially for those students, who wish to improve their education and want to study in different cities of Ukraine during their educational time.

Besides, graduating to the university, they can also pick a language to listen the lectures in – English, German, French, Spanish or Italian.

News of university Sergey Kivalov pays visit to the Ivano-Frankovsk law institute of NU «OLA»