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The head of the Scientific Research Department

a Candidate of Juridical Sciences, an associate professor of the Department of Criminal Law
The scientific associates of the scientific research department:

a Candidate of Juridical Sciences, an associate professor of the Department of International Law and International Relations

The 1st category specialist of the Scientific Research Department

The 1st category specialist of the Scientific Research Department

The 1st category specialist of the Scientific Research Department

The scientific research department (SRD) of National University “Odessa Law Academy” was created by the order of the rector #45-5 “On the Creation of the Scientific Research Department of Odessa National Academy of Law” issued on 20/01/2003.

The SRD is a scientific unit, a part of NU “OLA” with the rights of an organization department, exercising rights and executing duties concerning its functioning.

In its activity, the SRD follows the Laws of Ukraine “On Education”, “On Scientific and Scientific Technical activity”, “On the Bases of Public Policy in the Sphere of Science and Scientific Technical Activity”, the executive orders of the President of Ukraine, the decrees and directions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the decrees and instructions of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine and other ministries and department offices, the Statute of NU “OLA”, the Regulation on the SRD and the orders of the rector of NU “OLA”. In the issues of organization and methods of research work performing, SRD follows the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

The Aim and the Main Tasks of Functioning: The aims of the SRD functioning are gaining and use of new scientific knowledge to ensure high-quality training of specialists for the corresponding branches of economy as well as scientific and educational personnel of the higher level of proficiency; the resolution of complex tasks in the sphere of scientific and technological development; implementation and usage of theoretical and practical results.

The main tasks of the SRD are:
• organization of research work with the aim of achieving notable results by the scientists of NU “OLA”, formation and strengthening of scientific schools, creation of stable high-performance research teams;
• ensuring the development of the first-priority basic and applied research and the creation of innovative products on its basis;
• the effective use of scientific potential of NU “OLA” for resolving of scientific and practical issues;
• organizing collaboration with academic, applied-research and other scientific, state, nongovernmental, and industrial and other organizations with the aim of resolving of important scientific and practical problems by combined efforts;
• creation, legal and technological maintenance of industrial parks, business incubators and other innovative structures;
• creation and effective usage of research and experimental base at all the stages of innovative cycle;
• carrying out market studies, performing marketing, information and legal ensuring of scientific and other activity; assistance to patent and licence, metrological ensuring and standardization of scientific and technical goods according to the norms of current legislation and international standards;
• legal security of scientific effort;
• organization of information, promotional and publishing activity, the propaganda of achievements of scientists of NU “OUA” through mass media, monographs and scientific works, exhibitions, fairs, auctions etc;
• legal guidance and common manufacture of scientific and technical output in cooperation with other organizations, taking part in performing international scientific programs;
•  integration of education process, science and production, which is ensured in the following ways:
- preparation of specialists of all educational and qualification levels based on the usage of achievements of science and technology according to the courses of innovative development of the state and social economic need in new-level specialists;
- involvement of students to the participation in scientific-research and engineering works performed on the account of state budget or according to the contracts with clients;
- development and implementation of new technical means of education into the education process, created as a result of scientific studies, computer textbooks etc;
- the ensuring of holding student scientific competitions on studying courses, the student work contests, surveying competitions etc;
- organization of different forms of active research activity: diploma and course projection, studying industrial practice, modern data banks on the basis of SRD etc;
- creation of educational, scientific and industrial associations and systems, base departments, scientific, educational and engineering centers, organized together with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, branch academies of science, state jurisdictions and local government administrations, enterprises, institutions, organizations irrespective of property category for the holding of scientific research work.

Contact information:
- address: 65009, Odessa, Pionerska Street, 2, room 1007.
- means of communication of the SRD of NU “OLA”:
phone number: (048) 719-64-32, fax: 63-97-64,
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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