Кафедра права Європейського Союзу та порівняльного правознавства

Кафедра права Європейського Союзу та порівняльного правознавства

Science circles

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The Science Club of the Department was established in November, 2015. As a part of the research project, the concept of the Club was formulated by the magistral personnel of the Chair of European and Comparative Law of the National University "Odessa Law Academy".

The Science Circle is intended to deepen the research in the field of European and Comparative Law. Moreover, the students are given a free hand to acquire comprehensive knowledge of the European integration and globalization processes. The Club is actually a form of communication between students, postgraduates and young researchers.

The activity of the Club is carried out in scientific, informational, pedagogical and cultural directions.

For instance: conferences, round tables, presentations, seminars and lectures are conducted in the framework of the scientific direction.

The pedagogical direction is represented by the student cooperation through brain-rings, workshops, meetings and discussions. However, the cultural direction is constituted by excursions and exhibitions.

The main objective of the Circle, as mentioned, is to provide the comprehensive study of European and Comparative Law. Consequently, the Club does the groundwork for the realization of participants ' personal qualities and skills through motivation and stimulation. The Science Circle of the Department arouses the interest of young scholars and students in research activity, its methodology and research areas creating the atmosphere for self-instruction networking.


Scientific and Methodological Work

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The research efforts of the Department's magistral personnel are represented by 20 textbooks, manuals and tutorials on European and Comparative Law. Special consideration should be given to the following publications: «Право Европейского Союза: учебник» (А.К. Вишняков, 2013); Право Европейского Союза: учебник» (М.Р. Аракелян, М.Д. Василенко, 2012); «Право Европейского Союза: Особенная часть» (М.Р. Аракелян, А.К. Вишняков, 2010); «Сравнительное правоведение» (Х. Бехруз, 2011); «Сравнительное экологическое право» (Е.А.Суриловa, 2010); «Право Совета Европы: таблицы, определение, комментарии» (М.А. Дамирли, Т.А. Анцуповa, 2007); «Сравнительное правоведение. Практикум»(Х. Бехруз, 2009); «Сравнительное правоведение: рабочая тетрадь для студентов»; (М.А. Дамирли, И.С. Крывцовa, 2011); «Право Совета Европы: учебно-методическое пособие» (Т.А. Анцуповa, 2013); «Торговое право ЕС» (А.К. Вишняков, 2003 г.); «Регулирование внешнеэкономической деятельности в Украине: Учебное пособие» (А.К. Вишняков, 2005.). 

Besides, due attention must be given to the textbooks in English: «EU Economic Law. Textbook» (2011); International Business Law: methodological manual (2012); Introduction to European Union law (2014). 

On the basis of the findings of the professors, a number of monographs have been published: «Организационно-правовой механизм использования и охраны недр Украины» (Е.А. Сурилова, 2001); «Право и история. Эпистемологические проблемы» (М.А. Дамирли, 2002); «Международно-правовые аспекты становления и развития европейской системы безопасности на пороге ХХ века» (А.А. Делинский, 2004);  «Международно-правовое сотрудничество причерноморским государств: современное состояние и перспективы» (Т.А. Анцупова, 2005); «Исламские традиции права» (Х. Бехруз, 2006); «Правовое обеспечение внешнеэкономической интеграции Украины» (А.К. Вишняков, 2007); «Основы цивилизационного подхода в сравнительном правоведении» (Х.Н. Бехруз, 2007); «Геополитика Украины: монография» (М.Д. Василенко, 2007); «Сравнительно-правовая наука в Украине: Теоретико-методологические традиции (XIX - начало XX вв.)» (М.А. Дамирли, 2007); «Специальные хозяйственно-правовые режимы технопарков и технополисов: опыт Украины и зарубежных стран» (М.Д. Василенко, 2012); «Сравнительное правоведение. Ч.1: Статус, предмет и система» (М.А. Дамирли, 2013); «Процессуальное право Совета Европы: вопросы теории и практики» (Т.А. Анцупова, 2013), «Государственное управление использованием и охраной недр Украины» (E.А. Сурилова, 2014). The members of the Chair have published 500 works in academic journals and periodicals.

History of the Department

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According to the decision of the Academic Council of the Odessa National Law Academy, the Department of European and Comparative Law was established in May, 2004. It was instituted in the framework of Ukrainian internal and external trajectories. Initially, the Chair had been a part of the Faculty of Public Administration and International Legal Relations, which was transformed in the Faculty of International Legal Relations and Legal Journalism in 2005. Nowadays, this is the Faculty of International Legal Relations.

In 2004-2005, it was headed by Professor N. Baymuratov. Then, in 2005-2009, Professor Arakelyan took a post of the Head. Professor A. Vishnyakov was in charge of the Chair in 2009-2015. Professor H. Bekhrouz was assigned, consequently, in 2015.

The Department of European and Comparative Law provides the following disciplines: "European Law", "Comparative Law", "Council of Europe Law", "Comparative Law", "Comparative Criminal Law", "Comparative Environmental Law", "Comparative Labour Law", "Comparative Administrative Law", "Comparative Civil and Trade Law", "European Security System", etc. The professors of the Department have published numerous tutorials and textbooks which facilitate the educational process. Besides, the Chair provides special courses of study: "Venice Commission Practice" and "European Court of Human Rights Precedents".

The Department of European and Comparative Law takes constant part in international programmes and grants, as well as the Tempus Project. The Chair represents the Odessa Regional Centre of the Ukrainian European Studies Association. The members of the Department maintain academic contacts with professional organizations and educational institutions: M. Damirli, H. Bekhrouz and I. Kryvtsova are the members of the Ukrainian Association of Comparative Law, the International Association of Philosophy of Legal and Social Philosophy. Moreover, the magistral personnel participates in scientific conferences and seminars and discussions under the auspices of the EU Border Assistance to Moldova and Ukraine and the University of Salzburg (Faculty of Law).

In 2004, the Department involved seven teachers, including: one Doctor of Law and Professor, five Candidates of Juridical Sciences and one Assistant lecturer. To the date, it consists of 20 teachers.

They have recently conducted a research on "The dialogue between contemporary legal systems. Adoption of the European Law". As a result, H. Bekhrouz published his monograph on "The fundamentals of the civilization approach in the context of Comparative Law" in 2006. In 2007, M. Damirli and N. Vasilenko  published their efforts considering "The Science of Comparative Law in Ukraine: theoretical and methodological traditions" and "Ukrainian geopolitics".

Furthermore, three Doctoral dissertations were defended at the Department.

The Chair of European and Comparative Law provides and facilitates the teaching process. For instance, M. Damirli and T. Antsupova published a textbook on the "Council of Europe Law".

The members of the Department give general and special courses of study in English.

The magistral staff takes active part in international and national conferences, seminars, meetings and round tables.

The Department of European and Comparative Law conducts all-Ukrainian and international conferences and symposia.