Science circles


The Science Club of the Department was established in November, 2015. As a part of the research project, the concept of the Club was formulated by the magistral personnel of the Chair of European and Comparative Law of the National University "Odessa Law Academy".

The Science Circle is intended to deepen the research in the field of European and Comparative Law. Moreover, the students are given a free hand to acquire comprehensive knowledge of the European integration and globalization processes. The Club is actually a form of communication between students, postgraduates and young researchers.

The activity of the Club is carried out in scientific, informational, pedagogical and cultural directions.

For instance: conferences, round tables, presentations, seminars and lectures are conducted in the framework of the scientific direction.

The pedagogical direction is represented by the student cooperation through brain-rings, workshops, meetings and discussions. However, the cultural direction is constituted by excursions and exhibitions.

The main objective of the Circle, as mentioned, is to provide the comprehensive study of European and Comparative Law. Consequently, the Club does the groundwork for the realization of participants ' personal qualities and skills through motivation and stimulation. The Science Circle of the Department arouses the interest of young scholars and students in research activity, its methodology and research areas creating the atmosphere for self-instruction networking.