Application for Foreign Students for the New English-language Master Program “International and European Law” is Continued


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Faculty of International Relations of National University “Odessa Academy of Law continues admission of foreign students for a new English-language Master degree program 081 “Law”, specialization “International and European law”.

This program is designed for students with a legal background who want to continue to study law at an advanced level with an understanding of the peculiarities of the interaction of international and European law with the national, and, at the same time, to acquire skills for resolving legal issues in the context of multijurisdictional activities.

This knowledge will help students to build a successful career in business or public sector, or become a part of the international academic community joining PhD programs in law in the US and Western Europe.

The educational program was developed within the framework of the project Tempus IV Project 544117-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-HR-TEMPUS-JPCR in cooperation with the University of Zagreb (Croatia) and Maribor University (Slovenia).

During the educational program, students will have the opportunity to attend lectures of Ukrainian leading experts in the field of international and European law, as well as foreign scientists and practitioners, to become participants in international workshops and exchange programs, to get soft skills that are especially valued at the modern labor market.