Address: Fontanskaya doroga, 63, office 111, 65009, Odessa

Phone: (048)719-87-63

Working hours:
Monday-Friday 8.30-18.00

Attending hours:
Monday 15.00-17.00

Friday. 14.00-16.00

Head of the Department
Doctor of Law, Professor

The Department of Administrative and Financial Law is a part of the Judicial and Administrative Faculty and  provides full-time and part-time training at all the faculties and institutes of the National University "Odessa Law Academy".

The main purpose of the Department is the formation of students' knowledge in the field of Administrative Law and Procedure, Financial Law, training of highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel, as well as participation in research work of the University.

 The Department provides the following courses: Administrative Law; Administrative Procedure; Financial law; Judicial Accounting; Tax Law; Dispute Resolution within Administrative Proceedings; Administrative Law in the context of Reformation; Banking Law; Issues of Public Administration; Prevention of Corruption; Drafting of Judicial Decisions; Settlement of public disputes; Consideration of cases in Administrative Courts; Administrative Responsibility; Administrative Justice in Ukraine; Organization of Public Service in Ukraine; Consideration of tax disputes; Financial Control; Public Administration; Managing legal acts; Organization of financial control in Ukraine; Actual Issues of Administrative Law; Tax Legislation; Administrative Management.

The content of these disciplines is focused on the formation of students' theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of Administrative Law, Administrative Procedure, financial and tax legislation, peculiarities of the organization of public service, reformation of the Ukrainian legislation and law enforcement practice. The scientific potential of the Department is used in the field of specific scientifically-practical developments for the executive authorities, prosecutors, courts, customs and tax authorities, local government etc.

The set of academic disciplines is formed according to the specifics of each faculty (Institute) of the NU “OLA”.