The Administration of the National University "Odessa Law Academy" not only provides a quality organization of the educational process but also takes care of the proper social and living conditions for students. At the moment, the University has 7 comfortable student accommodation, successfully located in the city of Odessa: hostel № 1 "Themis" (8 Pionerskaya St.), hostel № 2 "Lawyer" (8 Pionerskaya St.), hostel № 2 "Lawyer" (8 Pionerskaya St.). Topolevaya St., 8), hostel № 3 "Mirny" (Fountain Road, 71), hostel № 4 "Crew" (Uspenskaya St. 28/30), hostel № 5 "Lex" (Leo Tolstoy St., 24), hostel № 6 (Gen. Petrov St., 18), hostel № 9 (Pioneerskaya St., 30). All hostels are located mainly in the central part of the city, with convenient transport links, so students spend a minimum of time on the road to the educational buildings.

All hostels are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay of students: each room has a separate bathroom with shower, refrigerator, all necessary furniture. In addition, the university administration is constantly working on modernizing and updating the material and technical base, trying to make the conditions of students' accommodation more comfortable.

All the hostels are guarded 24 hours a day, so students are completely safe and parents can not worry about them.

It is pleasant to note that students living in dormitories take care of cleanliness and order in their rooms, so they are always cozy and pleasant.

Living in comfortable dormitories of the National University "Odessa Law Academy", students really feel at home and can concentrate on their studies without distracting themselves from everyday problems.


Our address:
Ukraine, 65009, Odessa, Fontanska st, 23

Reception of the rector: (048) 719-88-01

Address of the Admission commission:
Ukraine, 65009, Odessa, Academichna st., 2
tel. (fax): (048) 719-88-00 (multichannel)


Subdivision Mailing Address Tel E-mail
Preparatory Department Odesa, 65009, Academichna st., 2 (048) 719-62-11
International Relations Department Odesa, 65009, Fontans'ka doroga st., 23 (048) 719-64-21
Secretariat Odesa, 65009, Fontans'ka doroga st., 23 (048) 719-87-98
Public Relations Department Odesa, 65009, Academichna st., 2, office 1003 (048) 784-03-14
Faculty of Public Prosecution and Investigation (Criminal Justice) Odesa, 65009, Academichna st., 2, office 605 (048) 748-03-31
Faculty of Civil and Economic Justice Odesa, 65009, Academichna st., 9, office 36 (048) 777-34-60
Judicial and Administrative Faculty Odesa, 65009, Academichna st., 2, office 412 (048) 68-25-93
Faculty of International Legal Relations Odesa, 65009, Academichna st., 2, 3 floor (048) 719-87-92
Faculty of Social Law Odesa, 65011, Rishelievska st., 28, office 49 (048) 717-86-88
Faculty of Advocacy Odesa, 65009, Academichna st., 2, office 502
Faculty of Psychology, Political Science and Sociology Odesa, 65009, Academichna st., 2, office 808 (048) 719-62-14
Faculty of Journalism Odesa, 65009, Academichna st., 7b (048) 719-88-40
Faculty of Cyber Security and Information Technology  Odesa, 65011, Rishelievska st., 28 (048) 719-23-82  
Centre for Extramural and Distance Learning Odesa, 65009, Academichna st., 5, offices 1, 2 (048) 719-64-03
Training Centre for Masters of Public Administration and Professional Judges Odesa, 65009, Academichna st, 2, office 302 (048) 719-88-20
College of Law Odesa, 65009, Biscuitny lane, 3 (048) 784-58-22
Associated Vocational Technical School of Services of the NU "OLA" Odesa, 65005, Melnitska st., 24-А (048) 733-24-71
Vocational Technical School №3 of the NU "OLA" Odesa, 65020, Mechnikova st., 76а (048) 716-55-19
Kyiv Institute of Intellectual Property and Law of the NU "OLA" Kyiv, 02121, Charkivske roadway, 210 (044) 563-82-21
Ivano-Frankivsk Institute of Law of the NU "OLA" Ivano-Frankivsk, 76006, Maksimovycha st., 13 (0342) 720-751
Mykolaiv Institute of Law of the NU "OLA" Mykolaiv, 54038, Generala Karpenko st., 18 (0512) 340-112
(0512) 342-019
Chernivtsi Institute of Law of the NU "OLA" Chernivtsi, 58002, G. Skovorodi st., 7 (037) 255-94-49
Kryvyi Rih Faculty of the NU "OLA" Dnepropetrivska region., 50074, Kryvyi Rih, Myra avenue, 22 (0564) 921-013
Cherkasy Faculty of the NU "OLA" Cherkasy, 18000, Baydi Vishnevetskogo, st., 17 (0472) 32-13-96
Kyiv Professional College of Law of the NU "OLA" Kyiv, 02121, Charkivske roadway, 210 (044) 563-80-12
Ivano-Frankivsk Professional College of Law of the NU "OLA" Ivano-Frankivsk, 76006, Maksimovycha st., 13 (0342) 720-778
Kryvyi Rih Professional College of Law of the NU "OLA" Dnepropetrivska region., 50074, Kryvyi Rih, Myra avenue, 22 (0564) 921-621
Mykolaiv Professional College of Law of the NU "OLA" Mykolaiv, 54038, Generala Karpenko st., 18 (0512) 34-01-12
Chernivtsi Professional College of Law of the NU "OLA" Chernivtsi, 58008. G. Skovorodi st., 7 (0372) 586-323

Valentin FEDOROV
Head of the Administration of the President
Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Docent

The Administration of the President was established in 2017 with aim to optimize the activity of the National University "Odessa Law Academy" and advance the quality of the provided instruction. The subdivision is headed by Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of General Theoretical Jurisprudence Valentin Fedorov. The Administration consists of the Secretariat, Public Relation Department, Press Office of the President and other units.

The main objective of the Secretariat is to coordinate the workflow of the University, ensure telephone communication, project and document preparation, arrangements, as well as assistance during formal events and meetings.

The Public Relations Department is an innovative structural subdivision which is aimed at popularisation of the University in Ukraine and on the global stage, developing the University's communication strategy and image policy along with career guidance plan. The Department involves experienced journalists, photo and cameramen, a group of PR and event managers who represent the University's activities on the official website, social media, television and the press, arrange and hold events at the National University "Odessa Law Academy". Moreover, the Department provides interaction and coordination between the University and its partners, public organisations, public institutions and authorities and local government as well.

The Press Office of the President includes spokespersons, monitoring group, analytical group, speechwriters and and copywriters together with support and accreditation team.

Besides, the Administration of the President of the National University "OLA" embraces an editing studio and a laboratory for applied PR technologies and an IT laboratory, which is involved in the implementation of the information technologies into the teaching process. In 2017, the IT laboratory developed the University Guide, a mobile application containing general information information about "Odessa Law Academy", its management and magistral personnel, attending hours and a wide range of other details. It should be mentioned that Associate Professor Denis Ivanov created a unique assistant for students and teachers, Facebook messenger chat bot, which enables students to watch video lectures, prepare lessons and even retake examinations online.

The Administration of the President of the National University "Odessa Law Academy" works in close rapport with the Legal Clinic and the Laboratory for Sociological and Political Studies implementing a wide range of national social projects.

The foundation of the Administration was a very progressive step towards the University's future and development. The positive feedback has arisen since its first months: a brand new websites of the University and its subdivisions were developed. The department has commenced cooperation with leading media and arranged numerous national and international events; the University's career guidance products and activities have been totally updated, a new brand book has been developed as well. The University's information network embraces more than two hundred webpages, social media pages, television channels, newspapers, magazines and radio stations.

The team of the Administration still has a lot of great ideas and will certainly have a lot of significant projects.

President of the National University "Odesa Law Academy"
Member of the National Academy of Legal Science of Ukraine
Member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine
Doctor of Law, Professor, Honoured Lawyer of Ukraine
Rector of the National University "Odesa Law Academy"
Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Professor
Honoured Lawyer of Ukraine
First Vice-Rector
Doctor of Law, Professor
Honoured Lawyer of Ukraine
Valentin FEDOROV
Head of the Administration of the President
Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Docent
Honoured Lawyer of Ukraine
Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs
Doctor of Law, Professor
Vice-Rector for Teaching and Educational Affairs
Doctor of Law, Professor
Honored Lawyer of Ukraine 
Vyacheslav TULYAKOV
Vice-Rector for International Relations
Doctor of Law, Professor
Ukrainian National Legal Sciences Academy Associate Member
Honoured Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine
Vice-rector for Economic Affairs, Educational and Innovative Development
Doctor of Law, Docent

Valentin Andreevich
Head of the Union,
Candidate of law, Аssociate professor

January 5, 1998 the primary trade union organization of the National University "Odessa Law Academy" began its work.

The trade union organization of the University is the organizational unit of the Odessa regional trade union organization of education and science in Ukraine and unites thousands of staff consisting of 3500 employees and 17,000 students.

The main purpose of the trade union organization is the representation and protection of labor rights of workers and protection of social interests of students, postgraduates and doctoral students.

The President of the University Sergey Vasilievych. Kivalov pays special attention to the development and activities of the trade union organization. Owing to him, the collective interests of employees and students of the University are protected in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the laws of Ukraine "On trade unions, their rights and guarantees of activity", "On higher education", "On labor protection", "On holidays", the charter of the trade union of education and science workers of Ukraine, the regulation on the primary trade union organization of the National University "Odessa Law Academy".

In matters of intra-union and organizational exists a professional committee, which includes: Chairman - associate professor of the department of general theoretical law V. A. Fedorov, Vice-chairman – A. S.Vavrinchuk, A.V.Borsch.

Adriana Sergeevna

Alina Anatolievna

(on work with students)


Trade union pays considerable attention to the issue of compliance with the collective agreement, is engaged in the organization of various cultural, sports and other activities aimed at satisfying the spiritual interests of employees and students.

The trade union committee controls compliance with the legislation on remuneration of labor.

Every month provides the awarding of active students of the University, the provision of financial assistance to students from low-income families and workers (primarily for treatment).

One of the important issues of our time is the solution of housing problems. Every year, on the initiative of the President of the University S.V. Kivalov, employees receive new apartments.

Also, the trade union regularly checks the living conditions in student dormitories and the quality of service and products in student catering establishments.

The trade union and in particular the commission of social and economic protection (social insurance, work with retirees, veterans and rehabilitation) pay special attention to the healthcare of workers and students.

In the year 2012, the construction of a modern recreation center "Academy" in the resort town of Zatoka on the Black sea was completed. Since then, members of the trade union and University students have the opportunity to annually receive permits for summer health improvement, 85% of the cost of which is paid by the trade union.

In order to diversify the leisure of University students on the initiative of the trade union annually organized trips to other cities of Ukraine and abroad.

The trade union also pays attention to the New Year holidays, giving gifts to children and grandchildren of employees, the celebration of International women's day, the Day of knowledge.

Do not stand aside the activities of students of the union, which initiate and carry out many activities: the celebration of the Day of freshman, “КВН” festival for the Cup of the President of the University, holding literary and musical evenings, meetings of the debate club, charity auctions and fairs, intellectual competitions "What? Where? When?", Various sports competitions and sports-intellectual quests.

Work with veterans requires constant attention. Every year on the Victory day the trade union organizes financial help to veterans who are most in need.

The trade union organization is a reliable support and the guarantor of ensuring the rights of all staff of National University "Odessa law Academy".

Since the establishment of the National University "Odessa Law Academy" Cultural center has become a real home for the talented young people and students that are ready to express themselves as creative individuals. Thanks to the students’ desire for creative self-realization and successful methodological work of the Cultural center’s staff, with the constant support of the leadership, the University is rapidly implementing a program for spiritual and cultural development of the students’ personality. Under the guidance of experienced teachers of the Cultural center, students have the opportunity to engage in vocal, choreography and theatrical art. For the third year in a row in the Cultural center exists the male Quartet "De jure", under the direction of Slutska Olga Anatolievna; choreographic ensemble "Happiness" under the direction of Zaretskaya Darya Pavlovna and choreographic ensemble "Stars of Odessa" under the direction of Antipova Zhanna Igorevna. At the moment, the Cultural center contributes to the creation of a drama studio at the Institute of criminal justice.

The Cultural center holds a number of academic events, such as Lawyer's Day, Knowledge Day, Academy Day. Due to the high level of performing skills students of the National University "Odessa Law Academy" are frequent guests of celebrations on the occasion of city and state holidays, where they can share the stage with Ukrainian professional artists.

Especially popular at the University are such contests as "Miss National University "Odessa Law Academy", "Student spring", the contest "Foreign hit of the year". Also on the basis of the Cultural center for the 5th year in a row is held a citywide contest "I Sing about you, my Odessa", the popularity of which has already gone beyond the region. The unique project of the Cultural center is a concert film "Songs of Victory", the educational and spiritual meaning of which is difficult to assess. Also, students of the University take part in various social events that are held on the initiative of the President of National University "Odessa Law Academy" Sergey Vasilyevich Kivalov.

These are performances in orphanages, sanatoriums for the elderly and veterans of the Second world war and military units. In the warm seasons in the Odessa City garden citizens and guests can enjoy the skillful singing of University students who "confess their love" to the city of Odessa, where they found their native Alma mater!

Today, the National University “Odessa Academy of Law” is one of the centers of legal education and science in Ukraine being a leading higher educational institution in the sphere of law, heir to glorious traditions of Odessa National Academy of Law.

By the decision of the State Accreditation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the university was granted the license and certificate entitling to perform educational activity according to the IV, highest level of accreditation (including for foreign citizens) on the level of qualification requirements to the specialist, Master of law.

 The National University “Odessa Academy of Law” is the successor to the rich traditions of Odessa school of law, the history of which is enrooted back to the year of 1847 (the time of the foundation of the law faculty of the Richelieu lyceum – the first higher educational institution in Odessa). In 1865, the law faculty became part of the Imperial Novorossiysk University. In 1997, the year which marked 150 years of legal science and education in Odessa, the Law Institute of Odessa State University was transformed into Odessa State Academy of Law. And one year later, the university acquired membership at European University Association; in 2000, the Academy was granted the status of a national higher educational institution.

 By the 2 September 2010 Presidential Decree, No 893/2010, the Academy was reorganized into the National University “Odessa Academy of Law’.

 Since the very first days of our university’s life we have attempted to create a democratic university, which would be national in form, spirit and essence. For this purpose we kept on improving the quality of education applying modern technologies for the academic process organization using positive, innovative experience of leading foreign universities; we have also modernized material base and logistics. We have worked indefatigably to enable our university to get world recognition and high reputation becoming the leader of modern education in Ukraine.

 Presently, the university is a symbol of tradition, standard of today and prospect for the future. A real temple of science has been created, which can boast of centuries-long educational and cultural traditions as well as contemporary scientific and educational inventions.

By decision of the Academic Council the public, social and religious leaders, politicians, scientists of Ukraine and the world for their significant contribution to science, education, culture and spirituality are awarded the highest honorary title of Odessa National Law Academy (now National University "Odessa Law Academy") "Honorary Doctor (Doctor Honoris Causa)".

The title "Honorary Doctor (Doctor Honoris Causa) of Odessa National Law Academy" was first awarded in 2000. Till present time the title was awarded to 18 greatest public, social and religious figures, politicians, scientist of Ukraine and the world.