2, Academicheskaya street (office 404)
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Working hours:
Mon.-Fri. (08.30-18.00)

Head of the Department
Doctor of History, Professor
Member of the Academy of Sciences, Associate Member of the NALSU
Honoured Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine

The Department of Political Theories was established under the auspices of the Institute of Law of Odessa State University in 1994. The Chair provided an integrated approach to curriculum, research and development coordinating the instruction of social and legal disciplines. In 1997, the Institute of Law was transformed into the Odessa State Law Academy. As a result, the Chair was merged.

In August 2016, the Chair of Social Theories was renamed the Department of Political Theories. To the date, the Chair is represented by 2 Doctors and 11 Сandidates of Science.

The instructors of the Department conduct lectures and practicals for students who major in Political Science, Sociology, Journalism and Jurisprudence. The Chair provides the following courses: Social and political processes; History of Ukrainian culture; Fundamentals of political theory; Theory of political systems; Theories and models of democracy; State policy; Social and political mechanisms for human rights protection; Methodology of political research and political analysis; Applied political analysis; Models and mechanisms of political power; Comparative Political Science; Theory of political conflicts; Political systems and parties; Political elites and leadership; Political ideology and ethics; Theoretical fundamentals of elections; Geopolitics; Political management; Ethnopolitics; Political technologies; Ukrainian political strategies; State social policy; Regional policy instruments; Parity democracy; Theory of environmental policy; National security in the context of globalization; Theory of lobbyism; International organizations in the framework of contemporary world politics. All the disciplines are designed to shape the Ukrainian contemporary outlook.