International collaboration is one of the main tasks of National University “Odesa Law Academy”. Coordination of activities of the University in area of international collaboration is executed by International Relations Office that is subordinated to Vice-rector for International Relations.

In 1997-2004 LL.D, Professor Mark P. Orzikh was Vice-rector for International Relations of National University “Odesa Law Academy”. Since 2005 LLD, Professor Vyacheslav O. Tulyakov has been Vice-rector for International Relations.

Since 2002 the Department of International Relations has been headed by PhD, Assistant Professor Barsky Vadim Rudolfovich, and since 2018 the Head of the Department of International Relations is Yuliia I. Astankevych.

The objective of the structural unit is promotion of international relations and cooperation in context of integration into world and European educational environment, implementation of the Bologna Declaration.

The main objectives of the structural unit are:

- Planning and organizing scientific cooperation with foreign universities, research institutions, foundations, governmental and nongovernmental international organizations;
- Planning and organizing international scientific events (conferences, symposiums, scientific and practical seminars, roundtables, etc.);
- Planning and organizing international educational student activities (summer schools, court models, thematic seminars, courses of foreign visiting lecturers, language courses);
- Planning and organizing academic exchanges;
-Organizational and methodological assistance to members of academic exchanges;
- Protocol support of official visits of foreign delegations to the University;
- Correspondence on international cooperation, contract work in the area of international cooperation.
- Promotion of Ukrainian legal scientific and educational school (support of the official website, participation in educational exhibitions, public awareness about the achievements of the University in area of international cooperation in the national media, placing information materials about the University in foreign media, promotion of scientific and teaching literature exchange with foreign partners);
- Vocational work with applicants-foreigners, organizational and educational work with students-foreigners;
- Organizational assistance to persons who obtained higher education abroad in successful nostrification procedure of their documents;
- Organizational assistance to persons who graduated from the University in the successful legalization of their documents.

Contact information:
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