Within the ERASMUS + Option K 1 program, from 19 to 23 March 2018, associate-зrofessor of the Department of National Economics, Ph.D. Redina was trained on the basis of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Zagreb (Croatia).

Within the framework of the internship program, meetings were held with the representatives of such disciplines as "Microeconomics", "International economics", "Marketing", which made it possible to get acquainted with the organization of the educational process, the peculiarities of scientific work, and methods of teaching disciplines in the national and English languages at the University of Zagreb.

Associate Professor of the Department of National Economics Redina Y.V. had an opportunity to get acquainted with the methodological support of the academic disciplines taught at the University of Zagreb in English in order to adapt the experience of foreign colleagues to the conditions of teaching economic disciplines at the National University "Odessa Law Academy". Experience studying of methodological work will make it possible to prepare methodological support for speciality 073 "Management" (specialization "International Business") at a high level and to develop available guidance papers for the speciality "Law".

Numerous meetings with teachers and researchers of University of Zagreb allowed to lay the basis for extension of mutually beneficial cooperation in the scientific field and the field of training of highly qualified specialists in various fields.

Thus, agreements were reached on holding joint international scientific and practical conferences, round tables and methodological seminars, in particular, the lecturers on the discipline "International economics" reported on the preparation of the conference in autumn 2018 and invited representatives of the National Economy Department of the NU “OLA” to participate in it.

Foreign colleagues confirmed the possibility to create conditions for internships for students who will receive an education in the speciality "Management". The possibility of participation of students and researchers of the Department of National Economics in joint research projects on the adaptation of national business structures to modern globalization and integration trends was confirmed.

The traineeship was a logical continuation of the cooperation between National University "Odessa Law Academy" and the University of Zagreb started within the framework of the TEMPUS IV "European and International Law Master Programme Development in Eastern Europe" in 2013-2017, thanks to which an innovative Master programme on International Law and European Union Law in English was launched in Odessa.