2022 02 18 1

Implemented by Dr. Prof. Tetyana Malyarenko, Journalism Department and Dr. Prof. Borys Kormych, Maritime and Custom Law Department, National University ‘Odesa Academy of Law’ (grant agreement 101047745 – EUSEC)

The project ‘The EU’s comprehensive approach to security: tackling evolving threats, building a strong security ecosystem’ will enhance current knowledge and understanding of the security needs, objectives, strategic priorities, and cooperation mechanisms in the framework of the EU Security Union Strategy, the EU’s Comprehensive Approach to External Conflict and Crisis Management and the European Neighborhood Policy. The project will stimulate excellence in research and teaching in European Security Studies with particular focus on building the strong European security ecosystem and the engagement of all parts of society (government, law enforcement, the private sector, education, civil society and media) in the security policymaking and implementation.