Jessup, Big and Powerful, is the only problem in your life for the next 9 months, brother, just do it.

The generally accepted international custom "Jessapantium amor vitae non sunt servanda" contained in Art. Article 26 of the Convention on Torture in Washington, D.C., states that research is far more important than food, sleep, leisure, and anything else that is dangerous to any ordinary Jesse member. It is better to pray during research, turn it into your fetish and do it. St. Crawford-Nicaraguan and your coach preached that research can improve your public speaking.

If you can handle your coaches' questions during performances, hit the brakes, leave the building, and go look for other coaches. There is no peace in this crazy world. Moreover, according to the jurisprudence of the team of the National University "Odessa Law Academy", a convincing speaker must give a speech when going, walking in the park, conducting self-study; under any circumstances: holidays, dates and shopping.

Congratulations to the team of NU "OLA" and we wish you further success!