Address: 9, Pionerskaya street, office 28, Odessa, 65009



Working hours:
Mon. -Fri. 8.30-17.30

Attendance hours:
Mon. 15.00-17.00
Fri. 14.00-16.00

Vasiliy Lefterov
Head of the Department

Doctor of Psychology, Professor

The Department of Sociology and Psychology is a part of the Faculty of Psychology, Political Science and Sociology and provides full-time and part-time training at all the faculties and institutes of the National University "Odessa Law Academy".

The Chair provides comprehensive knowledge in the field of Sociology and Psychology, trains highly-qualified scientific and academic personnel and is involved in the research work of the University.

The Chair Provides the following disciplines: Social and Political Processes; Legal Psychology; Sociology; General Psychology; History of Psychology; Developmental Psychology; Introduction to Sociology; General Sociology; Fundamentals of Biology and Genetics; Psychophisiology; History of Sociology; Ethnosociology; Methodology of social survey; Quantitative methods in the framework of Sociology; Sociology of religion; Sociology of conflicts; Sociology of education and science; Sociology of Communication; Sociology of Economics; Sociology of deviance; Contemporary rational decision theory and public policy; Family and youth Sociology; Social stratification; Paradigms of social and political rationality; Contemporary sociological theories; Sociology of critical situations; Social engineering; Sociology of power; Sociology of fashion; Organizational conduct; Psychology of management; Psychology of personality; Sociological concepts of globalization; Sociology of personality; Social statistics and demography; Sociology of administration; Theory of social changes; Qualitative methods within Sociology; Social Psychology; Political Psychology; Psychology of social mind; Social & political statistics and demography; Existential Sociology; Sociology of emotions

The range of the disciplines is constantly increased, and the teaching process is intensified through the implementation of innovative methods (such as trainings, workshops, interactive technologies and simulation) into the lectures and practicals.