Address: 65009, Chernyakhovskogo str., 2
Phone: (048) 777-27-61


Appointment for consultation
Wednesday from 10:00 to 13:00

Work schedule
every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 15:00 to 18:00
Saturday from 10:00. until 13:00.
day off – Sunday


Director of Legal clinic

In the conditions of modern life each of us wants to be sure that he is not alone, that there are people who can help in difficult situations, so Legal clinic of National University “Odessa Law Academy” prepares qualified lawyers who are always ready to provide legal assistance to everyone in need.

February 22, 1998 on the initiative of the rector of the Odessa national law Academy Professor S.V. Kivalov and representatives of the public organization “South Ukrainian center of young lawyers” began its activities free law consultation. This consultation was reorganized into an independent unit of the Odessa national law Academy - a Legal clinic and received a new premise for use. Since that time, the address of the Legal clinic is: the city of Odesa, Chernyakhovskogo str., 2, contact telephone number: (048) 777-27-61,

The purpose of the Legal clinic of the National University “Odessa law Academy” remains unchanged and is dualistic. It is important to remember that the main thing is the education of a new generation of lawyers associated with the acquisition of University students experience in practical activities to protect human rights, freedoms and interests, the formation of their awareness of the important role of the lawyer in society, understanding of social problems and the desire to provide unprotected citizens with access to free legal aid and justice. And of course - the direct provision of free legal assistance by students of the University to low-income segments of the population under the guidance of teachers-curators of the University and practicing lawyers.

The Legal clinic on a regular basis practices representation of interests of citizens in courts, other bodies of the government and local government by lawyers of the I and II categories. On the basis of the Legal clinic are constantly held legal education activities with different categories of citizens Taking into account current problems, initiative groups on legal assistance to persons from temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons and a group on legal assistance to seafarers were opened in the Legal clinic.

In addition, the Legal clinic acts as a base for the passage by students of the University educational (introductory), industrial, pre-diploma and master's practice, helps to improve and develop the skills of the future lawyer.

In its activity, the Legal clinic is guided by the legislation of Ukraine, the Charter and regulations of the University, the Regulations on the Legal clinic of NU "OLA", approved in the new edition on April 14, 2011, and other acts on the organization of the legal clinic.

The main form of activity of the Legal clinic is its activity as a public reception, in which students and graduate students under the guidance of curators provide vulnerable segments of the population with free legal assistance through oral advice on legal issues, preparation of procedural documents (claims, complaints, petitions, etc.) and legal assistance to incapacitated citizens, as well as on-site consultation. Taking into account the modern pace of life is no less important function - Legal clinic online, where citizens, remotely, via e-mail and the website of the Legal clinic, can get answers to important legal questions for them. In addition, the interactive legal office "Always right" on The Reporter TV channel continues to work actively.
In 2015, the Legal clinic was awarded the title "important social project for our city". Social portal "Your city" thanked the Legal clinic for the work and daily contribution to the improvement of the world.

During the existence of the Legal clinic, several tens of thousands of citizens received free legal assistance, and more than three thousand students of the University had the opportunity to acquire additional theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

On December 22, 2018, the Legal clinic will celebrate its 20th anniversary. During its work, were given advice to 70,000 citizens, written more than 40,000 different procedural documents and won 476 cases in court. Given the above facts, it is difficult not to notice the important role of the Legal clinic not only in the lives of citizens and in the protection of their rights, but also in the production of qualified lawyers.