Adriana Sergeevna
Head of the Union

January 5, 1998 the primary trade union organization of the National University "Odessa Law Academy" began its work.

The trade union organization of the University is the organizational unit of the Odessa regional trade union organization of education and science in Ukraine and unites thousands of staff consisting of 3500 employees and 17,000 students.

The main purpose of the trade union organization is the representation and protection of labor rights of workers and protection of social interests of students, postgraduates and doctoral students.

The President of the University Sergey Vasilievych. Kivalov pays special attention to the development and activities of the trade union organization. Owing to him, the collective interests of employees and students of the University are protected in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the laws of Ukraine "On trade unions, their rights and guarantees of activity", "On higher education", "On labor protection", "On holidays", the charter of the trade union of education and science workers of Ukraine, the regulation on the primary trade union organization of the National University "Odessa Law Academy".

Trade union pays considerable attention to the issue of compliance with the collective agreement, is engaged in the organization of various cultural, sports and other activities aimed at satisfying the spiritual interests of employees and students.

The trade union committee controls compliance with the legislation on remuneration of labor.

Alina Anatolievna
(on work with students)

Every month provides the awarding of active students of the University, the provision of financial assistance to students from low-income families and workers (primarily for treatment).

One of the important issues of our time is the solution of housing problems. Every year, on the initiative of the President of the University S.V. Kivalov, employees receive new apartments.

Also, the trade union regularly checks the living conditions in student dormitories and the quality of service and products in student catering establishments.

The trade union and in particular the commission of social and economic protection (social insurance, work with retirees, veterans and rehabilitation) pay special attention to the healthcare of workers and students.

In the year 2012, the construction of a modern recreation center "Academy" in the resort town of Zatoka on the Black sea was completed. Since then, members of the trade union and University students have the opportunity to annually receive permits for summer health improvement, 85% of the cost of which is paid by the trade union.

In order to diversify the leisure of University students on the initiative of the trade union annually organized trips to other cities of Ukraine and abroad.

The trade union also pays attention to the New Year holidays, giving gifts to children and grandchildren of employees, the celebration of International women's day, the Day of knowledge.

Do not stand aside the activities of students of the union, which initiate and carry out many activities: the celebration of the Day of freshman, “КВН” festival for the Cup of the President of the University, holding literary and musical evenings, meetings of the debate club, charity auctions and fairs, intellectual competitions "What? Where? When?", Various sports competitions and sports-intellectual quests.

Work with veterans requires constant attention. Every year on the Victory day the trade union organizes financial help to veterans who are most in need.

The trade union organization is a reliable support and the guarantor of ensuring the rights of all staff of National University "Odessa law Academy".