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american school

“American Law School” is an innovative educational project, created by National University “Odessa Law Academy” together with international scientific-expert centers and American programs of academic exchange, aimed on raising awareness of Ukrainian students in the field of American law and international law.

Within the framework of study course students get knowledge in different branches of American law, in particular, commercial law, criminal law, criminal procedure, law of torts, constitutional and international law, acquire practical skills in  litigation, improve their speech skills, get additional knowledge of history and culture of the USA.

Study program of the project includes: lectures, individual students' independent work, group role modeling, simulation hearings, and modular control for each lecture course (tests) that occur in English.

Every year during 2 weeks about 30-35 students and fellows of National University “Odessa Law Academy” take part in innovative educational project “American Law School”.

Practicing lawyers, judges from the USA, as well as professors from leading American universities are invited as experts.

Attendees of the study program, who have mastered its contents, receive the certificates.

Every year, due to results of studying in the project, 1-2 students receive the right to have the internship in Salzburg University (Austria).

Training courses:

2017-2018 study year

2016-2017 study year

2015-2016 study year

2013-2014 study year

2012-2013 study year

2011-2012 study year

2010-2011 study year