2013 03 25 1

On March 17-23, 2013 within the project – TEMPUS program, in realization of which National University “Odesa Law Academy” is involved, the Head of Department of Business Law and Procedure Oleg Podtserkovny and Associate Professor of Department of Intellectual Property Law and Corporative Law Luiza Romanadze have visited Lund University (Sweden).

Representatives of National University “Odesa Law Academy” got acquainted with work of Center for Entrepreneurship and Center for Innovations of Lund University, took part in the meetings of working group, whose purpose is studying the experience of Sweden in the fiend of commercialization of innovations researches of university institutions and creating subsidiaries for innovations (spin off).

2013 03 25 2

During the visit the meetings were held with Vice-Chancellor and Rector of the University Per Eriksson, Dean of the Faculty of Law Christine Moell and professors of the University, particularly with Professor Hans Landstromom, center manager Sven Olsson, Fredrik Edman patent attorneys, Per Merck and others.

According to results of the visit a preparation of recommendations to improve current legislation of Ukraine is planning.

Газета "Слово" №17(1036) 2.05.2013